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      Our association which presents the principles of travelling “responsibly” for nature, for the environment, and for local cultures, reminds us of our responsibilities towards our planet and for sustaining life here and now without being corrupted…

What is Ecotourism?
       Ecotourism is a rather recent concept. For the first time, in 1992 Rio Environment Summit, criteria have been declared for a sustainable earth and environment. Being adapted to tourism as well, these criteria were summarized in following manner: without harming the environment to develop the methods of how to make use of it, and without ever destroying the culture of any local people, to help them make use of tourism activities.
Within the process up to now the concept of “ecotourism” and its definition are embraced gradually, and in May 2002 in Quebec, Canada, in the “World Ecotourism Summit” which is actualized by the participation of 1100 delegates from 133 countries a common definition is identified, which is embraced by every country. According to this definition ecotourism is embraced as “an approach or attitude assuring the sustainability of the natural sources of the earth, and upholding the economic development of local people as well, and protecting and watching for their social and cultural integrity.”
The principles and methods, to be embraced as a natural corollary and to be practiced by countries, who embrace this concept, are as following:

To develop ecotourism policies and make schedules
To develop rules for ecotourism
To develop products, make marketing and presentation in the sphere of ecotourism
To pursue and identify the advantages and the disadvantages of ecotourism (material and immaterial)

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